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Huizhou  lesen  precision  electronic  Co.,Ltd is a professional 3D Analog Joystick Sensor,ps4 
Joystick,ps4 Accessories,ps3 Thumbsticks,ps3 Accessories manufacturing producer, 
has 14 years experience in production and research and development, the company 
supplying a wide range of PS3 Joypad Game Controller, PS3 Accessories, PS4 
controller thumbsticks, PS4 Accessories etc.The company produced 3D Analog Joystick 
Sensor for each supplier recognition at home and abroad, its first-class operation 
joystick, with the Angle of the control,really let the consumer  achieve the unity 
of human experience, the PS3, PS4, joystick controller, can be installed with the 
mushroom cap, product size can be customized according to customer requirements, 
and the control Angle iron shell can be printed LOGO, a good product look forward 
to a good supplier to make it more widely applied in life, let more consumers feel 
times with the progress of science and technology brings to human.We have constructed

a well-equipped warehousing base with a smooth inventory management system that is

administered by highly experienced warehousing personnel,Welcome to sample processing customization.