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B103 adjustable potentiometer T port
Rotary potentiometer 14 degrees
LT-RT Button Carbon Film Potentiometer
Angle optional

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product description

B10K potentiometer can also be called rotary potentiometer 14 degrees, model B10K16, for XBox, 360 handle trigger

potentiometer, LT-RT button carbon film potentiometer
Adjustable potentiometer properties
1 use temperature range
       -10°C to +75°C

2 test conditions
       Normal temperature (temperature 5~35°C)
       Normal humidity (humidity 45~85%)
       Normal pressure (Air pressure 86~106kPa)
3 Rated power: 0.025W

4 resistance adjustment method: rotary

5 resistance change mode: X type (linear type)

6 Nominal resistance: 10K

7 Resistance tolerance ± 0.002%

8 Operational Life (Reliability) Test:
       Under no load, 300,000 times after reciprocating 10 to 15 times per minute
       The total resistance changes ≤ the initial value of ± 20%. Noise: less than 68mV

9 storage temperature range: -20 °C ~ +80 °C
The adjustable potentiometer is in fact not very different from the conventional potentiometer, we can see through the

adjustable potentiometer drawing, it has three pins.
adjustable potentiometer three pins
The connection of the adjustable potentiometer three pins is as shown below.
adjustable potentiometer three pins connection
adjustable potentiometer Angle
Through the above connection of the adjustable potentiometer pin diagram and

design drawings and product parameters, we have a certain degree of understanding

of the T-port potentiometer has deepened.

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