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nintendo switch joystick replacement

Date:2019-09-15 10:50:23        Hits:1616 
nintendo switch joystick replacement
        Nintendo's Switch host is a very successful product, but any product is not perfect, Nintendo Switch Joystick has been reported by many users to have problems with the connection, besides, has not seen more problems. But now, the JoyCon handle has a new problem, it seems that Switch has trouble again this time.
        Nintendo switch controller price is quite expensive and costs $69.9, and now there is a very serious problem with the player's feedback on the handle: the joystick drift. According to the player feedback, Nintendo Switch Joystick lever often drifts in one direction when it is used, and it cannot be solved by recalibration. Also, according to user feedback, JoyCon did not have this problem at the beginning, but after a few weeks or months of use.
Nintendo Switch Joystick Repair
        In general, the main causes of such problems include incorrect connections, internal dust or dirt on the handle, or excessive force on the handle when the player is playing the Switch. Of course, based on feedback from players, the above reasons do not seem to apply. A Reddit user named LocusAintBad said that he was very careful when using it, and he usually paid more attention to saving it, but he was careful to have a "drift" problem. And my JoyCon handle has only been used for four months.
Media Kotaku pointed out that the report on JoyCon handle button drift has appeared on multiple Switch websites and forums. According to statistics, about one-quarter of Switch users said they encountered this problem. Fortunately, Nintendo will provide a warranty on the Switch handle, so if it is under warranty, you can contact Nintendo for repair or replacement. After all, most of the players' JoyCon handles have problems after a few weeks or months of purchase and should be under warranty. 
Nintendo Switch Joystick Price
        This kind of high-probability problem has a big impact on user experience. Whether it is a comprehensive forum like Nintendo Forum or Reddit, many users have discussed similar problems with their Switch. Although the scope of the problem is still unclear, at least it proves that the JoyCon handle itself is still having problems.
A detailed inspection was carried out during the disassembly of the JonCon handle, and it was concluded that the problem was caused by wear inside the equipment, which caused the residue inside the handle to accumulate and the rocker to drift. This problem can be solved by some kind of DIY hands-on. Of course, considering the problem of repair failure, we still recommend players to Nintendo for help after-sale. 
Nintendo Switch 3D Joystick Analog
        Some users worry that this issue will have an impact on the next generation of Switch Lite. After all, unlike the Switch, the handle can be disassembled and repaired separately. If the same problem occurs in Switch Lite, the entire machine can only be repaired, which will cause inconvenience to many players.
        Nintendo Switch has been on the market for two years, which is enough for Nintendo to find and solve this problem. Also, the high price of JoyCons should mean that Nintendo has no reason to continue to improve the current unreasonable design. The $69.9 pair of JoyCon handles is already very expensive and expensive from its hardware. Of course, compared with Microsoft's famous RROD event, the handle drift should not be particularly serious, and we will soon fix it.
       Regarding the above drift problem. It can be repaired with Nintendo Switch Joystick replacement produced by our factory.