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Which PS4 potentiometer factory is better?

Date:2018-06-11 16:41:41        Hits:2267 
             With the popularity of PS4 game controllers, PS4 potentiometer

have mushroomed; in many large and small factories to want

to know which PS4 potentiometer factory is good, which PS4 potentiometer

manufacturers quality and price are accepted by the public? Which cost-effective?

A series of problems plagued everyone. For consumers, selecting PS4 potentiometers

with good prices, high quality, and guaranteed product quality is indeed a problem. Here

I will introduce a good factory that specializes in producing PS4 potentiometers in

China - Lesen Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

            Lesen Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the throat area of the economic

growth of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Boluo County, the only hundred counties in Guangdong

Province. Founded on May 20th, 2014, the factory initially produced PS1 potentiometers and

now specializes in the production of PS3 potentiometers, PS4 potentiometers, rocker potentiometers,

3D rocker potentiometers and other adjustable potentiometers. The factory is equipped with 15 tons of

stamping beds, 25 tons of stamping beds, 45 tons of stamping beds, precision punching, forming,

shaping, riveting and pressing hardware. And it is equipped with hardware department, engineering

department, quality inspection department, administrative department, trade department and many

other departments. It is one of the major suppliers in the major game controllers market and has a high

reputation in the 3D rocker potentiometer industry and influence. The factory has close cooperation with

well-known domestic game controller manufacturers. The products are widely used in game machine

hardware, aircraft model products, medical equipment, automobile industry and other products. Since the

establishment of the factory, they have been trusted and supported by customers.
PS4 potentiometer

            Through the above introduction, you will no longer worry about the "PS4 potentiometer factory

which is good
" problem, if you have product needs can contact the factory service hotline 0752-6902927

can also enter the factory's official website http://www. joysticksnesor.com online consultation on other

issues (such as: what is the role of 3D rocker potentiometer, potentiometer three-pin connection method).