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About the flying 3D Analog Joystick Sensor

Date:2018-03-21 15:35:22        Hits:902 
All flight 3D analog joystick sensor control is to use the potentiometer, and ordinary button is used to switch.
About the flying 3D Analog Joystick Sensor
        What is the potentiometer? What role did he play on the joystick, and maybe a lot of people didn't know it, and some people knew what to do, but they didn't know exactly what 3D Analog Joystick Sensor
was best suited to simulate flying What I'm talking about today is the simulation of flight software, such as Microsoft simulation flight. Why? Because different potentiometers have different characteristics for different
types of games. I'll try to explain it in plain English.
        All flight 3D analog joystick sensor control is to use the potentiometer, and an ordinary button is used to switch. What is axis, such as XYZ and throttle several axes, of course, some equipment has more axis, simply put, is a linear
stroke, such as your throttle number game show how much axis and keys are different, the key is to press release is 0 play a role either joystick, steering wheel or handle, basically have shaft and the function of the button
Applied in gaming devices potentiometer there are basically three types: the kinds of carbon film potentiometer, photoelectric potentiometer, hall magnetic potentiometer. Many players on carbon film potentiometer are not
very interested in, seems to prefer light electric magnetic induction, etc But in fact are different, slowly see completely, you will understand.

       Carbon film potentiometer:work principle of it is to rely on a metal friction carbon film, through the sheet metal in the carbon film on the different position to judge your mobile location There are many kinds of, the appearance
of metallic carbon film potentiometer enumerate two kinds of common are as follows:
       There is no difference in the performance of the carbon film potentiometer, whether it is metal or plastic. The key is to see if it is a good potentiometer. Just like a chair with good quality and poor quality, the potentiometer
is also the same, with the high degree of precision, high wear resistance, and poor performance.
       Carbon film potentiometer has a fatal weakness, that is will be wear and tear, as the user's use for a long time, carbon film potentiometer will appear indentation or powder, this will cause your joystick deviation, unstable,
this is the final outcome of carbon film potentiometer is inevitable. However, the advantage of the carbon film potentiometer is that there is no substitute for other potentiometers, which is that his curve performs extremely well.
So-called joystick curve is in the process of moving, the curve is naked eye look not to come out, you move a joystick, in fact, he is not a uniform motion in a straight line moving data within the, somewhat similar to the curve of
the flight game regulation (but the effect is not a substitute for each other) and the curve is a joystick beside precision evaluation is the most suitable for the most important reference flight game.
        Photoelectric potentiometer: it is through the light of the light emitting device through the grating theory, judging by the movement of the theory of grating change your mobile location. The benefits of the photoelectric potentiometer
are no wear, unless the chip burned, can say he is not the possibility of bad, and quite accurate is very delicate, strong anti-jamming. But has its drawbacks as well as the photoelectric potentiometer, the curve is too straight, but due to
the adoption of photoelectric potentiometer accuracy will often to you often mobile range as the center of automatic calibration, which can lead to use not convenient. Because photoelectric performance in the curve in the flight
simulator in general, coupled with its force feedback function increase much cost, for users of flight simulation, and is not very popular, exit the market gradually.
       Hall magnetic potentiometer:
       Working principle: potentiometer vertically in a magnetic field, which can produce a potential difference on both sides, known as the Hall effect is the advantage of the magnetic induction temperature stability is good, no wear,
precision fine, light electricity better curve. The curve of the hall potentiometer is the closest to the carbon film potentiometer. It is said to be the best potentiometer in the rocker.The overall score is highest.
The following chart shows a performance score for each of the three potentiometers.

Scoring project (full score of 10) Carbon film potentiometer Photoelectric potentiometer hall magnetic potentiometer
Accuracy 8 10 10
smooth 8 9 10
durability 7 10 10
Curve perfection 10 7 9
total score 33 36 39
In summary, the hall magnetic sense is the highest and the second is photoelectric, but do not think that the higher the comprehensive score, the more suitable for flight simulation. If you look closely at the introduction to each of
the potentiometers, you'll see that the carbon film potentiometer is really good for the simulation. Of course, this is also related to your use of hobbies, if you are pursuing a durable rather than a result, then you choose the magnetic
sense of the corresponding, the pursuit of results, you can choose the carbon film potentiometer. In today's joystick market, the photoelectric potentiometer is basically gone. Currently, only the carbon film potentiometer and the magnetic
potentiometer are available. Please choose the suitable product according to your preference.