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How to distinguish between good and a bad potentiometer?

Date:2018-02-26 17:36:24        Hits:619 
How to distinguish between good and a bad potentiometer?
With the rapid development of electronic components, the application of potentiometer is very wide, and there are many famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad. For example, famous manufacturers abroad include BOURNS Perkins, French ALPS, TOCOS tock, etc. They have a wealth of potentiometer manufacturing experience and testing procedures, and the quality and linearity of the potentiometers provided are stable. But compared with the domestic electronic components market, the foreign brand potentiometer has the advantage of linear stability, but the price is also much higher than the domestic potentiometer. In addition, foreign brands have a much longer period than domestic brands, which is about a month or so.
Huizhou LeSen precision electronics co., LTD is a domestic high-quality rocker potentiometer, rocker potentiometer core part is made of high-quality material, the quality of the product and the product of linear stability can and foreign well-known brands of the same. At the same time, the sample cycle of our company is much faster than that of the country, which can be completed in 7 working days, which will greatly improve your progress in product requirements. Secondly, the price of rocker potentiometer is more favorable than that of foreign brands, and it is based on the domestic market price.
LeSen precision electronics co., LTD. Have a professional rocker potentiometer technical team, with reasonable price, fast on time for the customer the shipment products, rocker potentiometer price to meet customer needs to change, only for you more satisfied, LeSen precision electronic consulting co., LTD. Welcome customers to negotiate!
MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Total rotational angle 360°。Operating Force of Lever Y-Y:120±40 gf,X-X: 80±40 gf, Test position: More than 10 degrees deflection of lever.150g.TEST CONDITIONS Between terminal l and terminal3.1-3, PERFORMANCE 10K±20%.Rated voltage AC/50V,Rated power0.0125W,Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
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