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What is a 3D rocker potentiometer?

Date:2018-06-06 20:11:37        Hits:1173 
       What is a 3D rocker potentiometer? It is not difficult to understand that it is

a kind of potentiometer, but what use is it in the end? What is its structure? With

these questions, let the potentiometer manufacturer peel off its mysterious veil layer by layer.
3D rocker potentiometer

From the above figure, we can see that the 3D rocker potentiometer is a hardware assembly

consisting of plastic rods, shrapnel, and plastic molds. It also belongs to electronic components

from the perspective of the wide range of ideas; the plastic rods here have special instructions.

The joystick is not fixed to a material or iron, depending on the performance of the product being

used. For example, on the PS4 remote control handle, we usually call it 3D iron rocker potentiometer.

The glue sticks are used more on PS2 and PS3 series handles.

3D iron rocker potentiometer3D plastic rocker potentiometer
The function of the 3D rocker potentiometer is the same as that of other adjustable potentiometers,

which functions to adjust the potential group to be changed to an angle. The voltage (AC or DC voltage)

passing through the plastic rod (iron rod) on the potentiometer is changed. Or resistance value to achieve

the desired operating efficiency. Specifically, we can refer to the adjustable potentiometer.
The field of involvement is quite wide. We can see its shadow on remote control handles, hospital equipment,

audio equipment, auto parts and other industries that are relatively common in aircraft models. Through the introduction

of potentiometer manufacturers believe that readers have a deep understanding of the 3D rocker potentiometer, knowledge

is a process of continuous learning and accumulation, we will continue to provide you with quality service.
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