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Remote control aircraft operation instructions

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Remote Control Helicopter Operation Guide
Remote control aircraft operation instructions
Remote Control Helicopter Operation Guide--

If you are a beginner for a remote-controlled helicopter, please be patient with the following points: 1. Description of the remote control: The remote control helicopter

usually uses a square type dual-control remote control. The left handle is a power throttle, and the right handle is a direction control. Rudder (Side-by-side machine has

the side-flying function, individual models can switch left and right levers for side-flying function bars).

2. Description of the fuselage: When taking out the remote control helicopter fuselage, please make sure the power battery on the fuselage is plugged in (usually a

large-scale remote control helicopter before leaving the factory, in order to transport safety, manufacturers will be the power battery plug and body panels Separation) In

order to determine the condition of the plugged-in battery, it is also necessary to check whether the wing and other components are damaged, and check and confirm it is

correct before opening the fuselage switch and performing a test flight.

3. Take-off process: After the remote controller is correctly loaded with the battery, turn on the switch on the remote controller first, and then turn on the switch on the

body. When taking off: If it is infrared control, please point the infrared transmitter to the remote control aircraft so that you can directly control it. If it is a wireless remote

control, the remote controller generally needs an activation process. Pull the throttle stick to the bottom, turn on the power switch, the indicator light of the remote control

is blinking, push the throttle lever from the bottom to the top and then pull it to the bottom. At this time, the indicator light is long and the remote controller will also send

out a message. "A sound, indicating that the remote control has been activated, and the aircraft can be controlled on the frequency (automatic frequency can be directly

controlled, individual models need to push a frequency back and forth to control).

4. Test flight instructions: Remember that the power handle of the remote controller cannot be pushed to the top in flight and must be pushed upwards slowly to ensure

that the remote control aircraft can fly normally. It is best to hover in the air 1.5-2 meters high. If the remote control aircraft rotates, it is possible to press or twist the fine-

tuning knob in the opposite direction according to the steering of the remote control aircraft to correct the swing of the aircraft and to make it fly more smoothly.

5. Site Selection: If it is a small remote-controlled helicopter with a size of 20g or less, you can fly indoors, but you need to ensure that there are no fragile items around,

and there is enough space of 3-5 meters for the helicopter to hang in the air. If it is a large helicopter, it is best to go outside and choose an open space 20-50 meters of

open space or lawn to fly. After selecting the venue, the aircraft can be smoothly placed on the ground and can be taken off.

6. Landing: When it is necessary to stop flying, do not release the handle immediately. Pull down the power handle slowly and select the appropriate venue to allow the

aircraft to land slowly. Although the aircraft is designed with certain anti-fall performance, many times or high-range drop, it will also have a greater impact on the function

of the aircraft.

7. Charging instructions: When charging the remote control aircraft, be sure to read the operating instructions carefully. Do not charge or overcharge the battery. When

charging, please do not leave the battery unattended.
【Tips】 Resisting the fall of the king does not mean that the remote control aircraft will not break. It is really a plane. If you touch it lightly, it may cause an explosion.

This pro should know, haha, We describe the king of resistance to falling, I mean the product compared to other aircraft, or is more resistant to fall. However, falling is not

unbreakable and often falls from high altitude several times. It will still cause internal injuries in the cones or other places inside. , I hope that the pro will not allow the

aircraft to control him without falling in high altitude.

Operation Prerequisites 1. We are all fully-checked and tested before delivery. All aircraft are matched when received. It may give you a feeling of looseness. This is

correct. Please do not tighten it with a screwdriver. This will destroy the aircraft. The balance of the aircraft, after receiving the remote control to install the 5th battery can

play, install 6 batteries, please do not use Nanfu brand and rechargeable battery pack will hurt or burn the remote control circuit board of.

2. When charging the aircraft, please charge it first. Please pay attention when charging. Turn off the power of the aircraft.

(Before recharging, you can check if the USB head is on when the USB cable is connected to the aircraft. If the USB cable is connected to the computer, it will be on. Or

you can use a direct-charged transformer charger and 220 volts. Whether or not the home outlet will light up when connected; if it is lit, it proves that the power supply

configuration and USB charging line are all OK.) The aircraft can play for 6-8 minutes each time it is charged, please note that when the aircraft can't fly, That proves that

the plane has no electricity. Although the light of the fuselage is bright, it must be charged immediately, do not leave the battery empty. This will affect the life of the

aircraft's battery. )

3, venue selection: try to choose more open over the air without leveling objects flat terrain are afraid of the wind, so be sure to pay attention when playing, the wind is

too large to play, so difficult to operate, it is easy to break. Although the aircraft is anti-fall, it is not unbreakable. Because the aircraft is operated at high altitude, it is

incalculable for many times and has a great deal of relationship with the operators. It is very easy to break or shake with slight misoperation. The cooperation to the

inside. Therefore, the operator must be careful, when buying for children to play, adults must first learn about the operation, then transfer guidance to children, try to

protect the aircraft, so that the aircraft will also bring you operational pleasure, so as not to cause falls The unhappiness caused by the injury affects the child's mood!

4, each aircraft has a random operating instructions, parents can look at the basic functions and operating methods to understand the remote control button, if you do not

understand, then you can go online to look at the description of our products, there are pictures indicate The basic operation method is very clear and how to charge,

parents can look!

After doing the above four points, the pros can begin the test flight.

When beginners do not understand how to operate, they can use the following methods to learn, first learn about the operation of the left remote control key, learn how to

fly the aircraft up and down, and then gently land, mainly to fly low, height control at 1.5 meters Next, when you know that you can hover the plane while it is in the air,

you can learn about the right-hand remote control operation key and learn about the operation before and after the control. Points: Remember to push the remote control

button cannot be too large, a little push, put slowly put, the operation cannot be too large. Because these are all wirelessly received, if the aircraft is too large, it will run

very far or very high. If it is easy to hit the object and it is too fast, the aircraft will not receive the signal and will fall directly from the height. The plane was broken or

injured. This is a common mistake that many operators make. Many times it also caused the aircraft to crash. Please remember to remember.