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Joystick sensor selection and substitution experience

Date:2018-03-01 17:45:03        Hits:1039 
Joystick sensor selection and substitution experience
(1)          Select joystick sensor according to the use requirement.
When selecting Joystick sensor, the resistor body material, structure, type, specification and regulation mode of joystick sensor  should be selected according to the specific requirements of the application circuit.
For example, high-power circuit use power type wire-wound joystick sensor; High precision wire wound joystick sensor, precision multi-ring joystick sensor or metal glass glaze joystick sensor should be used in the circuit of precision instrument. The carbon film joystick sensor can be used in high frequency circuit. The volume control and power switch of the transistor radio can be used to select the carbon film joystick sensor with rotary switch. The volume control of stereo audio amplifier can be used to select double coaxial joystick sensor; The tone control of the sound system can be controlled by the direct sliding joystick sensor. The reference voltage regulation of the power supply circuit should choose the trimming joystick sensor. The joystick sensor used in communication equipment and computer can choose the patch type multi-ring joystick sensor or single coil joystick sensor. The remote control products should be used in the combination model of joystick sensor
(2)          Reasonable selection of electrical parameters of joystick sensor.
According to the requirements of the device and circuit after chosen joystick sensor type and specification, also according to the requirement of the circuit selection of joystick sensor electric parameters, including the rated power, nominal value and allowable deviation, resolution, high working voltage, noise, etc.
(3)          The joystick sensor is selected according to the law of resistance.
The voltage regulation in various power supply circuits, the working point adjustment of amplifying circuit, the adjustment of the auxiliary brightness and the adjustment of the field and field scan signal, all should use the linear joystick sensor.
The tone control in the audio equipment should use the joystick sensor to reverse the logarithmic type (the old nominal index) joystick sensor, and the volume control joystick sensor can be used to choose the logarithmic joystick sensor.