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How to view the adjustable potentiometer model and related parameters

Date:2018-06-04 16:17:55        Hits:1301 
      What is an adjustable potentiometer? How to see the adjustable potentiometer model and the above-related parameters? How to correctly understand these issues is relatively simple for senior members of the electronic components industry, but it is difficult for those who have just entered the electronics industry to understand. How can we tell the reader to quickly and accurately distinguish the adjustable potentiometer model and parameters? Lesen Precision Electronics, as a professional potentiometer manufacturer, has its own unique insights on the resolution of products. Here we introduce the combination of pictures and texts.
       Adjustable potentiometer, which is an adjustable resistor in an electronic component, consists of a brush and a sliding system. When the sliding system is displaced, it forms a resistor with a certain proportional relationship with the brush contact point, but its nominal total resistance is constant. Hereafter, we use the B10K series adjustable potentiometer as an example to interpret layers.
Adjustable potentiometer
        From the picture, we see these numbers B103,16. This is what we can see through the appearance of the naked eye, but the concrete meaning of its representative is unknown. First look at the letter B, which represents the potentiometer is a B-type linear potentiometer, can be divided from the appearance of three adjustable potentiometers, A-type (exponential type), B type (linear type), type C (Logarithmic). Type B is due to the uniform distribution of the conductive material on the resistor body, the resistance within the displacement is approximately equal, and the change in the resistance value is in a linear relationship with the rotation angle of the potentiometer, as shown in Fig.2.

      It is used for the partial pressure of the equipment, the resistance value changes evenly according to the angle of rotation, is suitable for the demand equipment such as partial pressure, monotonous and so on. Let us look at the number 103 which represents the resistance value of 10K. The above figure 3 is 10 followed by 3 zeros which are the resistance of 10000 ohms, and the potentiometer resistance B102 which is the resistance value is 1000 ohms for the deepening impression.B104 is 100000 ohms and can also be written as 100K; for the number 16 from the above-mentioned resistance and angle relationship I easily know. 16 is the adjustable angle is 16 ° to 360 °; as shown.
      For the selection of the angle, the proper potentiometer must be sought from the demand of the product itself;

       We have a deeper understanding of adjustable potentiometer products and provide very good supplementary information for beginners. If you need to order or customize the adjustable potentiometer, Lesen Precision Electronics has 14 years of professional production experience, real source factory, quality assurance, is your first choice;
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