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The introduction to the common potentiometers of electronic components

Date:2018-05-30 17:22:54        Hits:2487 
          The potentiometer is widely used in the circuit because it can be used as a three-terminal device or a two-terminal device.
The main function is to obtain a certain relationship between the input voltage and the output voltage to achieve the required voltage
of the device. In this paper, The Lesen company will help you understand the potentiometer's knowledge and the various potentiometer symbols in the circuit.
First of all, we recognize various potentiometers, wire wound potentiometers, synthetic carbon film potentiometers, organic solid potentiometers, metal glass
glaze potentiometers, conductive plastic potentiometers, digital potentiometers, gold ring precision adjustable potentiometer; as shown below Each of the potentiometers Galactic Electronics enumerates physical maps to facilitate our understanding.
         Through the understanding of the physical map of the potentiometer, we have a certain understanding of the potentiometer, but in the electronic component, how can we differentiate the potentiometer symbol? Xiao Bian also made a summary of potentiometer symbols today. Please see the table below.
wirewound potentiometers Synthetic carbon film potentiometers organic solid potentiometers metal glass glaze potentiometers conductive plastic potentiometers digital potentiometers gold ring precision adjustable potentiometer
·                                 symbolic marks

Through the form of each potentiometer is through the abbreviations of the first letter of the
English word. This also facilitates our memory, but in the circuit diagram of electronic components,
the meanings represented by many letters are not all known. Here are some of the more common
circuit markers that can be used by beginners in the electrical and electronic industries.

The above comprehensive knowledge of circuit symbols for potentiometers and electronic components
is believed to be a good reference and upgrade for beginners in the electronics industry.