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Ps4 joystick Application

Date:2018-04-29 15:44:46        Hits:865 
The PS4 joystick is quite extensive and can be seen at any time in real life, just like the PlayStation 4 we usually play. Why it can fly in the air to fly with our will. It is because he has a wireless controller for remote control of the aircraft. On this handle, we have applied our company's products, PS4 joystick, which consists of two potentiometers and one axis. Used to conduct the direction. The specific composition can refer to the composition of the 3D Analog Joystick Sensor. Remote control aircraft is only a small part of the application area.
The development of remotely piloted aircraft is not very long, but its functional characteristics have been quite perfect. You can see reports on remotely controlled aircraft at any time from newspapers, magazines, television, and other media. Especially in foreign countries, as large as old people are small enough to have children, many people are playing remote-controlled aircraft. Many toy companies and groups organize various kinds of remote-controlled aircraft competitions. There are also many training institutions for remote-controlled aircraft in the society. This kind of phenomenon shows that remotely piloted aircraft has become an essential necessity for people's leisure and entertainment. This has also brought unprecedented space for the development of remote-controlled aircraft, making the remote-controlled aircraft easier to improve both in appearance and in function. Researchers have shown that the future Remote-controlled aircraft will develop in two directions. One is to simplify functions, to make the price cheaper and to adapt to the needs of ordinary consumers; the other is to develop complex functions and complete accessories to meet the needs of high-level players.
As a kind of advanced intelligent toy, remote control aircraft is widely loved by people. Compared with the glider and UFO that were popular in the past, the current popular helicopter has several characteristics. First, the price is very attractive; the second is the use of good materials, the former mainly styrofoam, has been damaged, is now basically impact-resistant EEC mainly; the third is easy to manipulate, you can play in a small space. Therefore, more and more people began to pay attention to it, and from the aspects of reducing the size, reducing the weight, simplifying the structure, reducing the assembly, eliminating the test, improving the stability of self-navigation, reducing the difficulty of operation, improving the safety and other aspects of research and development. Nowadays, remotely piloted aircraft have made great breakthroughs in technology and become the darling of the new generation of markets.